Maki, 18, rest in peace

October 2, 2013

Sad day in Alessandraland. My beloved little buddy passed away this morning and I was told while visiting the Barnes collection today. He lived a long, long life and was loved dearly; will be missed by this girl very much; the cat that converted an “I’m not a cat person” into a cat person for life. Hug em if you got em tonight.


“Sit! Stay! Hrm…oh, alright.” 🙂





3 Responses to “Maki, 18, rest in peace”

  1. lcknox Says:

    Sorry for your loss.
    If you love animals– you’re a “cat person” : )

    And the quiet cat
    sitting by the post
    Perceives the moon
    –j. kerouac

  2. yuris Says:

    Thanks, dear auntie A
    I know His Makiness loved you as much as you loved him!
    big big hug

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