the unbearable lightness of Being

December 14, 2012

I began a gratitude list November 2011 but then went on a retreat near Chestertown, MD for a week that changed the course of my life a bit so the post went incomplete. I would like to revisit it now and make additions. Original post here.

Long time friends of me & my older incarnations of “Vivid Morsels” will remember a page I used to keep on a site that was a blog long before the word “blog” came to be. “An Exhaustive List of Things I Love”. It was a running list that I established in 1997 on the “Random Thoughts” section of my very first website called PaintedCat that was hosted on Geocities (wow, remember when!). I wish it was still around on the internets somewhere; it’d be interesting to see where my headspace was so many chapters ago.

Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all the others. – Marcus Tullius Cicero


“An Exhaustive List of Things I Love”

sleeping snoring furry kitties, the ability to exhale after an unexpected trauma has passed, hot cocoa, Zero 7, healthy informed discourse that evolves existing ideas, the range of human emotion, silence, yoga, hazelnut anything, faith, BBC World global weather reports, clients that cause me to grow my existing skill set, reclaimed wood flooring, Ritz independent and foreign cinema in downtown Philly, reading quietly next to someone with whom I am in love, tranquil late mornings, 11:11 wishes and meteor showers, the coast of Maine in August, soul-cleansing sob sessions, growing lists of random things I feel blessed by and bring me joy, the laughter of a friend, eggs over easy on the weekend, thai food, a juicy tempranillo, introducing quality people in my life and watching them form and enjoy their own friendships outside of mine, hot baths, Aveeno fig bath soap, thriving succulents, the crinkle of a bag of cat treats that has the ability to animate slothful felines immediately, a passionate thunderstorm, Sovana Bistro, inspired cuisine, Central Park in autumn, London, palm trees, tall socks in the winter, paint brushes, St. Germain, the pavlovian effect of hearing a new email has been delivered to my inbox, MY MACBOOK PRO, snapshots, the kismet of running into an old friend and greeting each other with surprise and pure love, all of the Bill Nighy scenes in the film Love Actually, the amazing levity my astounding boyfriend is always able to bring me when needed, the lush lovely overpriced objects at Steyer’s at Terrain in Concordville PA, the smell of old books, that moment when you come up for air and are able to recognize and acknowledge the present, passport stamps, international real estate web sites, vineyards, Van Morrison, mittens vs. gloves, cashmere, PIXIES, Instagram, goofing off online with old college buddies, aardvarks, monkeys, elephants, meerkats, post it notes, my Mr. Quercus Alba, WXPN fm, black sheepism, introspection, the large hadron collider, dark chocolate with sea salt, John Lennon, fresh cilantro, solar power, the bird outside that sounds like it’s saying “cheeseburger-cheeseburger-cheeseburger-cheese!” in the morning, the genius bar at Apple, empathy, pianos, purring, the hope of a better Phillies season next year, collaboration with other inspired minds that takes a project to new heights, the quirky senses of humor I enjoy out of my friends, the global citizen mentality, Savannah Georgia, Malcom Tucker, people who have evolved beyond inflicting blame and guilt onto others, people who are unable to evolve beyond inflicting blame and guilt onto others, Life of Pi, relishing…everything, candle-lit dining, the unbearably tickly part of a pedicure, a hike in the fresh air, the sound of snow geese flying overhead, a text message from an old friend, ballet, the ocean, dinner parties with my friends R+E, mindfulness, sushi, Adobe Lightroom, adventures, clean slates, San Pellegrino, inside jokes, losing myself in a painting at the museum, hot apple cider in the winter, holding hands on car rides, fresh roses, hand writing letters and mailing them, making images using natural light, taking a plane ride, eating chocolate in bed, The Spring Standards, the sound of snow falling, plane rides with my guy, hammocks beneath an awning on a cool rainy evening, foot massages, Syrah, the hush cars make on the road when it’s raining, The Philosopher’s Stone, The New York Times in bed on Sunday mornings as gentle sunshine streams in through parted curtains, my homegirl Irma helping me keep house, insistent kittehs, Instagram, cucumber sandwiches with garden-picked dill and watermelon iced tea in the shade

to be continued…


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