9.11.01 – 9.11.14

September 11, 2014

May we continue to heal from this event and it’s subsequent aftermath, and continue to rise above and flush out hatred from our world, our homes, and our hearts by continuing to choose love in every precious moment.


Contemplating Suicide

August 12, 2014

“Until our society aggressively, strongly addresses mental illness, until we move it from a side issue to a real issue, until we give it the same priority as other illnesses… I will still have that fear. I will still shake my head at the death-by-disease that is called suicide. And we will all still need to speak up.”

The quote is from a thought provoking article a dear friend posted to her Facebook today: Robin Williams Didn’t Kill Himself

I’ve been there and back again, I certainly see the issue from all facets (“both sides of the fence” isn’t dynamic enough of a statement for such a complex subject.)

In the years following 9/11 I experienced tremendous rage and grief, was misdiagnosed as bipolar, and used as a guinea pig for whatever mood drugs that was being peddled to the State at the time. I was a stranger to myself, and my family distanced me as a result because they didn’t have the capacity to try to understand.

It was a terribly dark, lonesome period for me. The hopelessness, despair, self loathing. Any one of these suicide stories that hits the headlines or affect us in our community could very easily have been about me. I’m still not sure exactly how I made it through and sometimes, being a highly sensitive person, life overwhelms, my tremendous emotions overtake, and I have to be extremely aware of that ole potential downward spiral and enact a whole lot of self-care.

“This too shall pass” is a wonderful phrase– but it only means the thriving, productive, joy-filled, peaceful times shall pass too. We have to learn to embrace all shades of the emotional spectrum, use it as information and insight and make adjustments in life where necessary so that we are able to allow more of the light.

Suicide is a complex issue and there is no magic universal answer because each of us views life through a culmination of filters and adopted beliefs picked up early on (and reinforced throughout); we make our choices and our habits from that very personal culmination, however it doesn’t take a specialist to practice radical compassion, pure presence, making the other person sitting in front of us feel truly heard, to help assuage the sensitive heart of the trickery of the mind. We can, at the very least, begin there.

What few people seem to realize is that we are all, quite literally, in the same boat. The same, big, round, rock-hurling-through-space Boat.

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Such Great Heights

July 21, 2014

Today, for a magazine piece, I climbed into the cockpit of a restored 1946 Fairchild 24. Google it. It’s special.

What most don’t know is that some 13 years ago, I was quietly studying for my pilot’s license at a small airport outside of Annapolis, MD on rt 50. I had a career in Washington, DC at the time. Very soon into my flight training, 9/11 happened and my school was shut down for a federal audit, and my job in DC got pretty busy (overwhelming, actually) so I didn’t have time to continue training anyway.

I flew out to the Chesapeake Bay today from PA.. We landed a little over 3 hours ago and I’m STILL trying to come down!


My full page spread of Who’s Who is in June’s issue of Main Line Today! Yep, that’s Jon Bon Jovi!



yeah! :)

A journalist colleague of mine and I visited local winery Galer Estate Vineyard and Winery a couple of weeks ago for research on an exciting story we’re planning to do in the future. Galer is located right behind Longwood Gardens and is our favorite winery in the region for a handful of reasons. Here is a smattering of snapshots from our tour. It was a perfect little slice of Sonoma that afternoon!

Captions for many of these were posted to my Instagram @alessandra_official, please follow me there!

Later on my beau joined me for the sunset so his handsome smiling face is on here, too. :)


20140620-111052-40252177.jpgwhere the magic happens

20140620-111054-40254802.jpgRichard speaking with Winemaker’s Assistant Nick

20140620-111054-40254025.jpgJournalist and playwright Richard L. Gaw







20140620-111058-40258709.jpgmy favorite guy

The Berkshires

June 2, 2014

I had the enlightening experience of attending a 2.5 day workshop about the Highly Sensitive Person personality trait over the weekend at the Kripalu Institute in Massachusetts. The workshop was conducted by Dr. Elaine Aron.


20140602-154457-56697438.jpg“May Peace Prevail Throughout the World”

20140602-154454-56694906.jpgStockbridge Bowl


Goodnight, Moon

May 27, 2014



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